AJAX IRC Clients List

A list of AJAX-powered web-based IRC clients

Open Source:


If you know of any other AJAX IRC Client please post it and I will add to the list.
Thanks to all who contributed to the AJAX IRC Clients List.

Project Link: http://web2irc.com
License: GNU General Public License

i think this project has been closed .. as i don't see any further progress in it neither we are able to contact author or any of its team member so that we may ask question to solve the problems ..


A new ajax IRC client: wsirc :)

I'd like to add one: Tiny Tiny IRC (http://tt-rss.org/redmine/wiki/tt-irc), License: GPLv2

Orbited: http://orbited.org/
MIT License

"Orbited is an asynchronous server for streaming TCP connections in a web browser."

"Orbited is an HTTP daemon that is optimized for long-lasting comet connections". It integrates with IRC.

An AJAX IRC client for Orbited, such as WillowChat, can be developed like in this Django + Orbited + IRC tutorial.

"Also check out WillowChat for an out-of-the-box webchat solution powered by Orbited and js.io"

"Hookbox is a Comet server and message queue that tightly integrates with your existing web application via web hooks and a REST interface."


Thanks for article :)

"Ajax Push Engine (APE) - An open source web server for pushing real-time data to Rich Internet Applications using Comet"

"APE is a full-featured OpenSource solution designed for Ajax Push"

TCPSocket Demo (IRC) "This demo is an exemple of the implementation of the TCPSockets in APE. Here, APE is used as a middleware, making it the gateway to an IP:Port : IRC"


project: https://github.com/leedo/alice
homepage: http://usealice.org
license: Perl (dual GPL / Artistic)

project: https://github.com/thedjpetersen/subway
license: MIT

project: https://github.com/codebutler/tapchat
homepage: http://tapchatapp.com
license: GPL v3
NOTE: server includes an AJAX web interface but Android client is proprietary.