Deep linking in jQuery with jQuery Address

jQuery Address brings the deep linking functionality to jQuery.

The jQuery Address plugin provides an API for creating direct links to specific Ajax states and enables the Back and Forward buttons of the browser, one of the most common tasks for JavaScript developers.

jQuery Address is a direct port of the SWFAddress library, the most well-known library used by webmasters to provide deep linking to pages within their Flash or Ajax websites.

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. The new arrival of jQuery Address plugin will simplify deep linking for many developers.

The jQuery Address plugin has a much smaller file size compared to SWFAddress because it does not target Flash content.

A hyperlink that points to an individual page or state of another website is called a deep link.

Web technologies such as Adobe Flash and AJAX do not support deep linking.

For Flash and Ajax websites, saving bookmarks to individual pages or states of the website, using the web browser forward and back buttons, and using the browser's refresh button will return the user to the initial page.

The SWFAddress library is a tool for creating unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state.

The SWFAddress library solves the deep linking limitations of Flash and Ajax, and has become a standard in the Flash world.

SWFAddress has been used on many high profile websites, and has modules for various frameworks and tools including Drupal and WordPress. The library contains samples for Digg API and Rails.

Deep links:

I was just wondering if someone could clear this for me.
I have seen people stating on several blogs that SWFAdress would help in ajax SEO.

Now – I have always thought that javascript generated content is not bot crawlable period.
So – SWFAdress looks like a great tool for links and bookmarking – but I don’t understand how it
would help in indexing JavaScript generated content.