jCart - Free and Open Source AJAX Shopping Cart based on jQuery and PHP

Powerful and complex e-commerce software (such as osCommerce , Zen Cart, and OpenCart) is available for use in e-commerce websites.

Among a variety of e-commerce related features, all these scripts include a shopping cart system.

This system adds products to a web shopping cart, calculates the price, and sends the data to a processing script.

There are many ways to implement a shopping cart, and a lot of useful tutorials.

Among them, jCart is an interesting solution for requirements based on the following criteria:

  • Free and Open Source: free to use and released under the MIT License
  • AJAX: handles visitor input without reloading the page
  • jQuery: based on jQuery (a popular professional JavaScript framework)
  • Light: 2KB of unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Web Standards: XHTML compliance
  • CSS: customize via CSS
  • PHP: server-side validation done in the most popular web scripting language
  • Easy: 10 minutes to install

jCart is an AJAX Shopping Cart based on jQuery and PHP.

jCart is easy to install and customize. jCart degrades gracefully and offers full functionality for browsers with JavaScript turned off. Input validation is done server side and allows you to process the cart contents using your own checkout script, or prepare the cart data for submission to a payment processing service like PayPal.

Link: http://conceptlogic.com/jcart/